Op ’t Hof valt heel wat te beleven en dit op verschillende fronten. Ontdek hier hoe het er uitziet en breng zeker een bezoekje om het in levende lijve mee te maken.

The Barn

Throughout the long history of Op 't Hof, The Barn has already been served many purposes. It's not only been a warehouse and a workingspace, it's been the perfect location for the local car mechanic to do its job, up until now where it serves as a garage for the last few decades. Now, The Barn is the architectural gem of the property. The bar, equiped with all its modern conveniences, is open to the public all year round. The Barn is the main attraction at Op 't Hof, especially in spring and summer. Come and discover how this building has evolved and turned into a bar and find out what to experience at the central meeting place named Op 't Hof.

The Attic

For a period of time the attic of The Barn was used as a storage place like so many others. Over the last few years the attic has fallen into disuse due to the poor condition of the building. However, a number of ingenious inspirations from a tech-savvy team have made some changes to it. The Attic has become a great location where you can have a quiet meeting together with your association, company or circle of friends. A unique concept which will promote cognitive performances in any case. Visit The Attic at Op 't Hof and book this room via the contact page on this website. 

The Garden

Back in the days it used to be an orchard, later on it's always been a safe haven for sheep and goats, it's been the vegetable garden for the slightly elderly and a place where children can horse around to their heart's content. Nowadays The Garden serves as a sun-drenched terrace all day long which provides accommodation for at least 60 people who can enjoy each other's company and the beautiful setting in peace, with a delicious drink close at hand. Whether you'd like to come over by bicycle or by car, there is no lack of parking space thanks to our spacious and private parking lot. Don't hesitate to come by on foot, because after all Op 't Hof is centrally located in Liedekerke. The multipurpose domain allows the youngest among us to enjoy themselves safely and in the immediate vicinity of their family and friends. In this way, The Garden still remains a place to horse around. 

The Yard

The characteristic driveway, which starts after the equally characteristic gateway, derives much of its charm from the surrounding buildings. The centrally located roundabout speaks for itself. Now, on the one hand The Yard is the way inside, on the other it mainly is a place where people can meet at Op 't Hof, the most beautiful and authentic setting in Liedekerke.

The Warehouse

Up until the beginning of this century, The Warehouse was a place where various commercial activities took place. It's mainly been used as a warehouse for fruit and vegetables but it's also been a cork factory. Until recently, it was a storage space used by local tenants such as associations and merchants. Today this enormous property houses a conceptual restaurant. In addition, there is also a multipurpose room which can be used for all kinds of activities. The Warehouse has a familial, cultural, local and culinary character. Everything is possible at The Warehouse. 

The Floor

A meeting room in al its aspects. Under the ridge of The Warehouse a cozy reception can take place, as well as a productive meeting. Companies, associations or other groups of people are more than welcome to explore The Roof. Discover the possibilities of the location and the matching price list and feel free to contact us so we can make it fit into your schedule.

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